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Rolling Contact Servo Stabilizer

Rolling Contact Servo Stabilizer Manufacturer

Rolling Contact Servo Stabilizer Manufacturer

The Rolling Contact Type Voltage Stabilizer is an extremely relevant component for units facing electricity breakdowns/fluctuations. We at Servokon, provide a stabilizer which prevents direct exposure and reduces possibility of breakdown as even a minor fluctuation can cause severe damage to the entire system. Rolling Contact Type Stabilizer shields appliances by maintaining a proper voltage supply output during the time of power fluctuation.

Power fluctuation has become a common issue and unstable electrical distribution is a routine phenomenon. The breakdown is caused by the deviation in the input voltage during day and night, which results into breakdown and the system comes to a halt. So, we at Servokon, manufacture voltage controllers at par with international standards suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.

The raw material is the most crucial factor which determines the durability of any product. We provide supreme quality, maintenance free products by using digital micro-controlled circuitry, imported low loss M-4 grade CRGO laminations and Sterlite to curtail the iron-copper loss and capitalize its efficiency. Transformer oil plays a vital role in a servo stabilizer in controlling temperature rise and enhancing its durability, therefore we use A-Grade oil. The stabilizer is manufactured as per IS: 9815 standard

Components of Servokon Rolling Contact Type Stabilizer:

  • Voltage regulators with carbon assembly
  • Carbon wound buck n boost series transformer

Input Voltage Variation % Reduction in Breakdown Possible Approx. Power Saving Possible
Motor Load Below 30 HP. Lighting Load Motor Load Below 30 HP. Lighting Load
380-400 volts Nil Nil Nil Nil & Servo Stabilizer Required
380-420 volts 5% 10% 3% 5%
380-440 volts 10% 20% 5% 10%
360-460 volts 40% 40% 7% 20%
360-480 volts 60% 60% 10% 30%
320-500 volts 80% 80% 15% 37%

Rolling Contact Type Servo Stabilizer Detail

General Specification

Servokon 's Rolling Contact Type Stabilizers are available in the following variants:

  • Outdoor
  • Indoor naturally oil
  • Air cooled units

With wide input ranges and with balanced/unbalanced supplies depending on the voltage condition, its standard technical specifications are as follows:

Input voltage 360 – 460 V 340-460 V 320-460 V 300-480 V 280-460 V
EFFICIENCY (approx) 99.5 % 99.3% 99% 98.8% 98.6
Rating Up to 5000 KVA (oil type) Correction speed 10-15 v/sec
Output Voltage Up to 1000 KVA (dry type) Waveform distortion Virtually Nil
Cooling 400v/415v +/- 1%.50 Hz (as required) Naturally, oil cooled/ Air cooled Type: indoor/outdoor Response Time: Duty Cycle: Operating Temperature:  
Mounting :
Instantaneous 24hrs Continuous on 100 % load   45*c above ambient Uni-directional wheels

Why you need Servokon Rolling Contact Type Stabilizer:

  • Least power consumption
  • Reduces breakdown of equipment
  • 5-year guarantee (unconditional)
  • Least tripping
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Depreciable as per Income tax act
  • Reduces MDI
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation
  • Advanced insulation and windings
  • Equipped with contractors, relays and switch gears

Payback Period

The payback period of Servokon Rolling Contact Type Stabilizers is within 12-24 months depending on variations in voltage conditions.

Rolling Contact Type Servo Stabilizer Video

As automatic voltage stabilizers are loaded with plethora of features, they are highly demanded in residential applications for protecting Refrigerator, Deep freezer, Bottle and water coolers, BOD incubators, Air conditioning appliances from voltage fluctuation. We are a quality concerned company that doesn’t compromise with the quality during the manufacturing process and even the final dispatch is done under the supervision of technical experts.