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HT AVR Manufacturer

HT AVR Manufacturer

HT AVR (HT Servo Stabilizer) Manufacturer

High Tension-Automatic Voltage Regulators or HT-AVR is the high-tension stabilizers. It is used for protecting electrical equipment and home appliances from irregularities of voltage.These high-grade voltage regulators arefeatured to supply a continuous and stable input voltageregardless of the voltage received from electricity authorities. They not just help stop electric equipment from irregular and fluctuating voltages, but also increase their life and efficiency.It basicallycombines H.T. Automatic Voltage Stabilizer and standard H.T. Distribution Transformer working in conjunction.

At Servokon, we are highly committed to manufacturing, designing and supplying a comprehensive range of HT AVR. Our product comes with two interconnected tanks –

  • One of the buck-book transformers for housing distribution
  • Other for covering the servo voltage controller.

The HT AVR primary functions to filter the fluctuation before feeding it to the transformer. These machines are perfect for industries and chimerical arena where a stable input voltage is required. As a leading HT AVR manufacturer, we design the products under the guidance of our experienced and certified professionals. We also manufacture the product, using high-quality raw materials and modern techniques. Moreover, you can find affordable prices for every productmanufactured by us. For more information about the ServokonHT AVR, give us a call and talk to our representative.